Shiho-Shoshi Lawyer is one of licensed legal profession in Japan.
We are the specialists of real estate and corporate registration.

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In Japan, the system of real estate and corporate registration is managed by government. The Legal Affairs Bureau is operating the system under the control of Ministry of justice.

Real estate registration

The system of real estate registration is opening to the public about the physical conditions and various rights of the land or houses.

In Japanese Civil code ,the ownership, mortgage or leasehold of real estate for example is regarded as a certain right when it is registered.

Many clients ask us to take the procedure in the cases 
when their ownership is transferred by purchase and sale,inheritance, donation, exchange.

Corporate registration

 In Japanese Corporate Law, company is officially established when it is registered.

The main matters which you must register are:
・ corporate name
・ head office address
・ business objects
・ manner of public notice
・ paid in capital
・ number of issued stock
・ name or address of director , representative director, auditor
・ branch office

And when the item above is changed after the initial registration , you must register it.

We are supporting client's business by offering a wide range of legal service from the establishment to the closing of a corporation.

We act as an agent for the procedure of registration.
And also we can support you by acting as your procedural attorney in summary court .

If you have a question about procedure of registration or summary court suit case, please contact us by e‐mail.

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